Saturday, April 18, 2009

Georgie Gascoigne

From Auntie Magdalene:

Well, I'm sorry to say, Georgie's back in the hospital. Rhiannon and Greg took her to LMH yesterday because her jaundice was not improving. Her bilirubin levels were seemingly going up, not down, and there is some concern now about the function of her liver and gallbladder.
They admitted her last night and put her under the warming glow of phototherapy. This morning they drew a great deal of blood (at which point Rhiannon and Greg decided they needed a trip to Wired Monk) and are running a multitude of labs. The doctor however is encouraged by her weight-gain and feeding/pooping functions, and is going to allow them to be discharged this evening to go to Pascha. Whether or not Rhiannon makes it with Georgie will depend on several things, chief among them the lab results. They will probably have to take her back to LMH tomorrow morning.

On top of Georgie's difficulties, Theo seems to have come down with something. He's congested, had some trouble breathing over night, is very sleepy and has no appetite. It looks to be somewhat of a rough Pascha for the whole family.

Please continue to keep them all in your prayers.
I will post news when I hear more.

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  1. thanks for your may have heard via Facebook, Georgie is home, her bilirubin count is down (normal jaundice, they doctors now proclaim) and the hernia is actually shrinking.