Saturday, January 10, 2009

Theophany in Victoria...

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  1. I am surprised how many people on campus (UVic) tell me that they saw our Priest in the paper after the blessing of the Lake...

    And, (I am quite ashamed to say this), but maybe some of you would like this - one girl told me: "Ah, I know now why you are so crazy about this Church (me: ?!)" She follows, "it is because of the Priest, h is hot"... needless to add that, as much as for the "fun" concept (many of you know what I mean), "hot" does not mean anything to me, but I tend to think it was a compliment for Fr John, so I take it, and I continue to go to Church for my reasons, not for the ones she invokes (which I do not know how to interpret ?!... :)

    Love to all!